The last few episodes dragged it down. I liked the distorted mother love but it was under utilized.


I still don't understand the tone of this anime. The opening was almost claustrophobic, showing a creepy urban landscape that took cyberpunk fears and adapted to the 2020. Through the episodes there were moments that felt wrong, and the fact that the wall picked girls from broken families and with issues made it even worse. This leads to a terrifying ending where first we see the girls liberate themselves (the idea of the cavern as a place of rebirth is a common archetype and probably one of the key componenets of this anime) just for us to realize that even their rebellion was planned. It's worse than that. It is revelead that for the girls there is no end to the wall slavery because there was no start. From the birth of time, from their birth, they were controlled. The wall is eternal. The wall is then society as a concept, its laws and the Law. The wall then shapes you until you can fit the hole you were made to fill. This is literally "you are just another brick in the wall". And the worst thing is that, like stated, you are given the impression you are, but you are not, only gods and beasts are.
On the other hand, I have no idea if this is intended. Is the wall just a reference to us players of the game? is it a gimmick with no thought? The whole last episode was quite weird. Some scenes, like when we saw the girls being little girls, were almost oniric. I half expected a Holy Mountain ending.

You can tell at least someone wanted to make a good anime. The visuals, like here, sometimes are amazing and, if they were a live action, would be "every frame a painting".


Maple is a well written OP character. First thing is that the world doesn't revolve around her. What we see does, but there is plenty of other things that happen and don't involve her (eg the crafter dungeon we saw Iz complete). There is a whole bunch of stuff to do in game that is not the pvp/raid stuff that Maple is good at. Then, we also see that Maple has strong limitations (speed, low hp) and is thus helped by her party members. From this point of view, Sally is much stronger. This creates a "show don't tell" that reinforces the difference between Maple and legit good players with a good build (Payne, Sally, Mii kinda). Another reason that makes Maple likeable is that she's not a good guy or a hero. She's amoral at best if not neutral evil, all she wants is to have fun and everything else can be damned. This is a staple motivation and is consistent through the whole anime while she grows. This "fun is the supreme good" is combined with a distorted (but again, consistent) logic, which leads to her taking decisions that normal players wouldn't take, like eating her enemies. The last reason for how likeable she is, is that she's clever. She appears to be a noob and at first she is, but she soons istinctively understand how to combine her skills. The most clear example of the last two points is in the fight against the rogue dude from Payne's guild. She combines Syrup's nature power with her summoning skill to tie up and have her dogs eat him alive. This is flat out terrible and smart, and is what makes her so entertaining.
Another key element of Bofuri was just how good the chara design is. It managed to sold minor characters like Iz or Kasumi on few scenes.
All in all, there is nothing you can say agains Bofuri. Either you don't like the genre or you like this anime.

>ID: Invaded

The ending was ok. I think they were afraid of fucking up so they went for the safe route instead of ie, like I read on 4chan, drilling Kiki's head to save her. What we got was a bit of non ending for Kiki. The ending of JW was fitting and clever. The shark scene was top Hondomachi that we love. All in all a very good anime.


I don't remember the last time I saw an anime that featured bullying that I did not find retarded.


The game in Bofuri is really good, or at least fun. They perfectly understood that you should reward player for how they play and encourage them to have fun, instead of pushing them into doing everything with a daily checklist (looking at you, WoW).

Something I noticed in the last episode is that Sally doesn't seem to like the members of the guild. She seems kinda cold towards them and basically told them to fuck off while she went and solo'd for the rest of the time. This is made worse by the fact that a. Chrome and Kasumi are actually skilled players, apparently and b. they both suffer from second place syndrome when they compare themselves to Sally (Kasumi) and Maple (Chrome). Maybe she doesn't even do it on purpose, but it's what I got from Sally's actions.

>Magia Record

I am not really paying attention, the anime is quite boring. But I did like the use of the broken light to convey what is wrong with the girl in this scene.


Episode 9 was quite dull, so I don't want to think about it. Episode 8 was pretty interesting though. The twist that Robot actually kept her emotions and is just hiding made for a terrible ending. With another mood it might haver worked, but with how it was, it's begging for a continuation, for a longer story.

>Housekisho Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei

I like this show more and more. For example, the last episode was a contorted but clear story on how childhood idols will let you down when you move to adulthood. It's a well written episodic show for sure, and it could easily work as a live action even better.

>Runway de waratte

This is becoming a shounen sports anime with a different coat of paint, and I hate it. The good thing is that it keeps this touch of raw and rustic, like the the femc is worried about her body odour after she run and the boy is under her skirt. I remember of fake and plastic-like felt Ballroom felt, this is the opposite.


It's not that it's bad, because it is not. Technically it's very good, the sound direction is top notch in particular.
My problem is that I think it's very "artist masturbation". The animation is nice and all, but what's the point? why is the animation there? It does understand that the srength of animation is the transformation, but damn it's nothing more than an animation showcase. I take issues with the chara design as well, if there wasn't Yuasa's name attacked to it peopel would hate it.


We perceive that continuing is good because it implies a continuation of our species, ie a continuation of our genes. We think that because our creator god, the genes, "tells" us it is. Magase, giving us the fruit of knowledge, let us know this. But God, the blonde woman that married the president, is able to pull the wool over our eyes enough to not let people realize the truth behind what the president and Zen understood.
I think it's a sort of religious view of the selfish gene.


The shows has all teh right plot points of the genre, but it doesn't really work. I think the problem is the characters. Not jus the mc. The minor side characters, which should work with design + 2 lines per episode, are very flat. Nicole and Sakura, who are a bit more developed, are not developed enough.
I can't tell if the show wants to be a serious/straight idol anime and the wall is just a joke about higher powers, reminiscing of the italian movies Fantozzi where the big owner is this divine figure more than a real human being; or if it wants to be this creepy/meta story where you can't tell what is real and what is fiction.

A big positive are the visuals, like the previou episode. For example, here we see Nicole trapped, trying to leave the "vertical frames" she inside of, just for us to realize she is still "trapped" inside the lines on the floor.

>Housekisho Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei

Ok, the stories are somewhat interesting even if they feel a lot like those lunch time tv shows my mother would watch. By the way, I know it's just a coincidence and with so many anime airing each season it happens, but I do like this sort of connections between shows (this and asteroid in this case) my brain can make sometimes.

>Runway de waratte

Runway de waratte is definitely not a masterpiece. Like, in 2020 do we really need to go through the "grumpy teacher with a golden heart" training? and this is ignoring the glaring idiocy of why the mc was sent there. The saving grace of the show is this small vein of hate and rancor through the anime.


Idols shows have been defined and perfected. We had parodies and meta stories. Doing something good is not enough, now you have to do something unique.
Cinderella girls took very seriously the construction of the world and cliques, side M was industrial absence of defects, ongaku shoujo was rough and primitive, revue starlight had the magnificient villain Nana was and the theatre elemnts. So, what does 22/7 give us? A divine wall that gives order humans have to follow. The idea is not bad. It recalls archetypes like ancient divinities with holy dancers/priests, with some hypercupe notes. There is also a strong rebirth idea, the ctonic rebirth after you are initiated to mysteries that leads to you knowing a new and different world. There is also a strong female element, with the male figures (the boss, and the producer) merely having a "order-follower" role. It's also a story of growth where being adult means doing things you don't like. Which, imho, is bullshit, but that's another story.

Now, where the anime suffer is, sadly, the main girl. I don't like her, the world around her is a bit silly (even if believable), and her va is amateurish and not in a good way.

>Magia Record

It's not bad, it's just that it's so much a retelling of madoka so far. The visuals are the same, the theme that law, even in a divine and astral sense, does not accept ignorance as an excuse. I am not dropping it because I don't remember much about Madok and I want to have faith, but I have low expectations.

>Kyokou suiri

Maybe the best first episode of the season. It's a shame that, like many other tv shows, it wastes time on pointless scenes. The girl alreayd told us what happened to her. There is no need to show it to us again, and they should have used another way to introduce the idea that losing the eye and leg made her part divine.

>Ishuzoko reviewers

It does what it wants to do, but I don't like it. For example, one of the first things that we should laugh at is the comparison between this young looking elf and the old woman, right? but an old prositute is not something we should laugh at. It's sad, in various ways depending on the context, but always sad. It's not funny. Or, to make another example, the harpy who sounds like a bird. It's way too much a real beast for my taste.


Oshibudo is fun, but it lacks somethig. A bit of hate for themselves, some mean spirit. That said, the scene with the idols walking through this mass of adorant, sweaty, ugly males is amazing. It brings home perfectly the ideal of the woman-goddess. The idol is something divine, that the urban proletariat worship in place of the old priestesses and spirits, left behind in the country side.
Our protagonist loves the idol of a love where she is annihilated, the love of a believer. The ending is amazing.

>Koisuru Asteroid

This composition is weird. Like, you have a couple of girls at the bottom, lonely girl and boy on the left and right, and then a couple of girls. It's a sort of a rhombus. A bit like the room is shaped, but not exactly. It's a very stable and solid composition, peaceful but nonetheless dynamic because of the slight shift compared to the lines of the room. This calm structure prepares us for the moment is the starting point for the breaking into Ao's room that happens later.
We are in for a very good anime.