>Maerchen Maedchen 10

After the clusterfuck episode 9 was, we got an episode that looked ok. Not that it matters here, what is great about this anime are the ideas it present and the characters, even if the writing is a bit "uh" sometimes, like the sad backstory for Lynne.

An example is this, but I am sucker for magical girls with guns. Another great scene was the dropping of the moon, or Sadohara savage banter.
While I liked the moon dropping, but I don't like how she rewrote her origin. I know this is a japanese thing, I remember reading about how younger authors adding new pieces to a story was common in a translation of Hikari no genji, but I don't like how Shizuka gave her story a different ending because I liked the idea of her (or Haduki) having to leave at one point in their story.

>PTE, Mahoutsukai, Sanrio Danshi

I liked PTE. I don't think it was a random comedy, it simply took an unexpected but still logical development in each short story. A lot of references I didn't get, I should have watched it on HiDive.
Mahoutsukai was a bit of disappointment for me, everything was too happy and convenient at the end, or felt like the author just wanted to draw something she liked and then wrote the plot afterwards. I hope the manga does not end this way.
Sanrio Danshi was ok, it had some very nice episodes but overall ok, I don't think I'd rewatch it again.

>Koizumi-san 12

This episode had a lot of nice ideas, like

Overall, I liked this anime. A good title in a very good season. Compared to the live action, there is something different. This is more about Koizumi and Yuu than about ramen, at least when compared to the live action, a proper AD for various places.

>Sora Yori 11

The drama was amazingly written, it had so much depth in few minutes, the kinda writing movies want to have. It all comes from the story Hinata told, how it presented a difference between what we saw (the email) and what we were told (Hinata's story) painting a Hinata that is telling a biased story either intentionally or not. The conflict is with multiple levels, the internal struggle of Hinata and her friends, the first shown the second hinted, the personal conflict, and the extra personal conflict with the friends beign afraid of the faceless senpai system.
It all comes from what they wrote in the email: they were sorry for leaving her alone, not for being mean to her. I believe that they were genuine when they talked to Hinata, and were simply cowards. It makes the story a lot more tragic and sad, because they were not evil, simply normal girls.

>Hugtto precure 4

What an amazing episode. While precure tend to get some top episode here and there, like episode 24 (iirc) of Kirakira, this time it happened so soon that I have very high hopes for it.

>Slow Start 08

This show is slowly making me uncomfortable. I am feeling like Hana, constantly worried that one day something will go wrong and the world will collapse around here. The relationship between Eiko and Sensei, how Kamu thinks (it's ok if Eiko sleeps around as long as she comes back) and how she acts (pretending(?)) to be a little animal in need of help, now Tsubakimori. Tama-chan, while it still feels like she is joking, is a bad day away from stabbing someone sometimes. Obviously Eiko and Sensei are the most jarring ones, as sometimes they feel from a completely different manga than the other. Eiko is in some sort of limbo, maybe without Sensei she would feel ok. After all, their relationship is so serious also because it shows the difference between a girl and a woman, so, maybe, without sensei Eiko would fit better in this anime. Anyway, with how it is, it's like we are separated only by a very thin line from yuri drama of huge proportions.

>Miira no Kaikata 7

This episode showed the how thin the line between comedy and horror is. The same plot just portrayed differently would have made for a very interesting horror movie.

>VEG 7

I don't want to repeat myself, but it's the same as before. Though I realized that the past 3 episodes have been kinda "husbando of the week", and they failed spectacularly. The boys are out of time, when Damepri is airing you can not ask me to take Benedict wearing heels while driving a bike seriously. Characters like the prince in episode 5 are so damn flat and so damn mid 00s, Oscar was such a bog standard "sickly artist who lost his wife" that I can't believe they actually went through with it. Violet is a goddamn mary sue, I am starting to strongly dislike her.

>Maerchen Maedchen episode 7

This was the perfect example of the anime I like. Low budget, some issues, but with some brilliant writing and ideas. The whole part with the Russians was genius stupidity, the milk plan was amazing. It reminded me a lot of old Yatterman anime.

>25-sai no Joshikousei

The improvement these anime have had is amazing. The first one, the one with the monk, was pretty bad and only good for its historicaly value. This one still have some issues, like how the characters look, if it had some budget it would be very good.

>Miira no Kaikata 6

Since I played pokemon yellow, I believed that Dragonite was based on european dragons, there are many examples of bipedal dragons or similar creatures. But now I notice how this guy looks like a small dragonite, and he seems to be indigenous of Japan. Thinking about it, Charizard was already a european dragon, and it would be weird to have two pokemon based on the same thing.

>VEG 6

An absolute mess of an episode and writing.
Their job doesn't make sense anymore, in the early episode we saw it as writing a letter for a poor guy with debts, now we are told the dolls travel all over the country which implies that they are paid a lot, they have a building with a lot of workers to pay after all. Why are they using dolls to copy books anyway?
The timeline is all wrong, a job as easy as this should have happened before writing letters for a princess' marriage. They ignored the cliffhanger from the fifth episode, we saw another reaction to her hands for no reason.
The world building is again horrible, why are they using the dolls, why are they pairing boys and girls. The episode itself was the same, ideas and stories thrown there but extremely shallow and not elaborated on.

>Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Movie: Oath Under Snow

The movie was not bad, not at all, but it could have been better. It felt a bit cheap for a movie, as it usually happens with anime movie I struggled to pay attention through the second third, and especially "bad" was Sakura's death, because it came too soon after Miyu's disappearance. Maybe if they added 10 more minutes there to make Sakura feel more relevant.
This said, I liked the rest and overall I liked it.

>Sora Yori 5

This episode had some nice framing like here, there is a comparison with Hinata later in the same spot of the first image.

and nice ideas like this one to use the videogame to show Megu not going to the pole.

Sadly this episode, while mostly good, was ruined by a twist that was not as good as it should have been. This is because of two reasons: the first one is that we did not expect Megu to be a backstabber, because it shows her being active and a force of evil, something we did not actually see. For example, she spread rumours about Shirase having money simply because Shirase tallked to Mari, which is a bit hard to believe. The second issue is that we had no real reason to suspect she was behind the rumours. It all comes out as not planned very well in my opinion.

>VEG 4

Another terrible episode.
The mother was so stupid she was not believable, and the "working woman who has to fight a marriage proposal" idea was completely wasted by the lack of any real conflict. It was purely between her and her mother, but it was resolved with a simple letter. Iris wasn't struggling with her decision. There was no pressure from society.
Then there are issues like "why send two people for a letter, does it make financial sense?" and another repeat of people reacting to Violet hands. We get it, it's enough.
Using someone who take everything literally like Violet is ok in itself, it can be used to explore how people lie to themselves and the others, but it doesn't work when there is no real conflict coming from those lies. The closest we got was the girl in the second episode, but that was stupid for other reasons.

>VEG 3

This was worse than pointless. Maybe if this was the first episode, but we saw a repeat of what we got in the first two episodes. We saw things we knew already with no new reaction just to introduce a new character we didn't need.
Her brother is another issue. If you give me a military with a limp, you need to actually use it. All the drama instead was around their parents being dead, with no comparison between a broken veteran and a loyal soldier like Violet. Wasted chance.

>DamePri 3

I feel like fantasy anime are always lackign in epic and fantastical elements. I tink it's a genre that needs to have a lot of episodes and slow pace to properly grow, and it's not only a matter of world building. This is true for anime that I liked as well, like Konosuba. In this case, we really could have done with 39 episodes, but it's also true that the past 2 episodes have been almost pointless. Sure, we were introduced to a new guy and the mascot, but maybe one episode would have been enough? It's not like nothing happened, we had fun, but it wasn't needed either.

>Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 4

This episode was better than 2 and 3, but still lacking. The part with the mother was fun, but it was begging for a comparison between her mother and the idol's mother. Some parts were a bit forced, like the training. I would have done it differently, with the women explaining to the girls together what they had to do, instead of having one of the three explain it to the mc.
In general it feels like this anime is running too quickly, they should slow down and take its time.

>Sanrio Danshi 3

I liked how Yuri's conflict was built in the limited time, it was movie-like. To have a sister hate a brother like that they needed a good reason. The reason is that she is afraid of being judged by society, which means she has low self esteem. This was shown with her other issue with her brother, how pushy he is - actually it's her who doesn't feel like she is worth him wasting time and she is not worth doing what must be done herself. This chain of pushy brother --> no self esteem --> my brother embarass me is the fist layer of issues. We have then the second one: her brother becoming a mother instead of the cool prince he was, combining the external issues with a internal brocon struggle. All of this is made worse by another issue: her brother's friends are weirdos like him, so she doesn't have a cool older friend to project her lust on.

These PoV scenes are so damn weird. They always get me, I guess it shows I can believe the world the anime built as it take me a second or two of dude what after the pov ends.

>Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 3

Another episode I didn't like. Her being an idol feels so forced and just a way to have a idol and to give a way for the girls to go the pole. This is could have worked in a club anime but here the story is so weird that it's hard to believe coincidences like that.
Another issue is how the idol was portrayed. Her whole struggle starts with not being able to take a selfie and ends with a hug. Like, I get the importance of photos and smartphones, but the anime didn't focus on that, it used that as a simpe way to tell us she is lonely without making us feel bad. Now compare this concept to the latest episode of Madchen Marchem where the oujo-sama loneliness is perfectly portrayed in something as simple as eating a burger because it's the best memory she had with her mother. It's not pulitzer winning material, but it's miles better than Sora yori.

>Violet Evergarden

I don't like Violet. Yeah, she's a girl who thinks she is a weapon and doesn't know what emotions. I know that all that counts is execution, but it is not done well. Like, she spent years with other people, even if it was the war, she shouldn't wear the shoes when cleaning like that and she shouldn't tell someone that she is just a replacement for their son.
The second episode was even worse. I don't like the way the guys look, they look too much like Free! characters. I don't understand the point in certain scenes. For example, why let us he know he is called Claudia?
I keep not liking how Violet acts, I don't think it makes sense for her to be so literal, plus she spent years with people around her, she should not be like this. Of course you can not understand people, but with her being a weapon, her being a weapon is why she doesn't understand people, and I don't like it.
The people getting angry at the mails scenes were so forced, we just saw that the writer was saying what she was writing, it's stupid for people to get angry like that.

>dame x prince anime caravan

A couple of negatives were a pointless infodump (we could have got the same informations in a better way) and how I felt like it was two 15 minutes episode slapped together. Positives are the design of her and her "world", it fits well with how informal and rural it feels. Though, the design of the femc in itself is nothing special and she looks too much like Kumiko. Watchign her act is fun though.
The boys are the usual, the ore sama, the cute one, the glasses one, the childhoof friend, and the manslut. Hey, if it works.


Well, it's Devilman. My main issue is that, imho, they should have not make Miki a hafu with a christian family. It adds a fear of the foreigner element to a scene that should be about people turning on their own and on the symbol of purity and innocence, not about hating people who are different.

>Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

I didn't like this episode. I don't feel the struggle, the anger, the desperation, the girl should be showing. She should have sacrificed her whole life to study something she didn't like just for a chance at being part of an expedition to the pole. They treat her desire to find her mother like a club she can't create, there is no family. The south pole feels more and more just a gimmick.

>Sanrio Danshi

A good first episode, proper banter between guys and a interesting take on their insecurities and fears. Too bad most guys will not watch this.
I am always a huge fun of slut squads, especially when portrayed positively.

>Toji no miko

I really liked the episode. Battoru characters are always fun and I like how the swordfights were presented. It had a couple of nice images, like the road looking like the worm and using the shields to frame the scene.

The only thing I didn't like was this scene, because the light source was far too distracting.

>Ramen daisuki Koizumi-san

It's not bad, not at all, but compared to Emiya-san it's never going to look great. I watched the live action and it was pretty, I think I liked it more than the anime.

>Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan

If it continues like this, this will be anime of the year. The cooking was magnificently comfy, the apix of cooking anime.

>Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

A very good first episode, even if some things were a bit iffy. The decision of using the south pole feels like a tentative to create a gimmick, and I almost always dislike the bullying scenes in anime, they feel fake and forced.