>Lapis re:light

AotS. Kinda wish episode 6 did away with the comedy in favour of a more serious horror. I suppose they went for the safest route.

>Monster Musume no Oisha-san

So, this looks a lot like it just copied from the monmuso anime. BUT. Watching it I realized it has a cozy "ps2 game" feeling I can't describe better. This was stolen, not copied, and this makes all the difference. This is its own thing, and I dare to say I like it more than the original. The characters are petty in a way that makes you like them.

>japan sinks 2020

Oof, I don't know how much money Yuasa got to attach his name to this, but it wasn't enough.

I stopped getting angry after the third episode. That, episode 7, and the ending were the worst parts.
The problems with the ending were essentially 3. 1: The whole leg part was dumb. 2: the slide shows about Japanese culture was boring. I don't care how detail the kimono girls clothes were, they were boring. Get some photographers, or some good illustrator. Or even better, get some normal people on twitter to send you pics and videos. 3: Disaster shows have one ending: a couple looks at the dawn of a new day. All the nostalgic memories of the past we had were something we should have got before the ending, not part of it.

Beside the ending there were plenty of other problems. The characters were ugly, stupid, and annoying. Go is the most annoying character I've ever seen. The animation was awful, the story weird to nonsensical, and all over the place.

One of the worst anime I've ever seen.