>Megalo Box 2 ep1

So, the first season was one of the most empty, shallow, and pointless anime I've ever seen. And this is the same. Probably the best example is how Joe's vices were portrayed: in the same trite and "clean" way addictions are shown. Oh, he's an alcoholic. All we see are 5 beers. He takes drugs! Yeah, clean white pills he buy with no issue or struggle. It's not dirty, it's not disgusting, the scene he picks them up is all hidden and not shown. It's sanitized, to not make people sad. Thor's issues were shown much better, and that was a marvel movie, his beard was messy, he was fat and a slob. Here Joe is shown nicely dressed with a nice beard.
And this isn't some minor detail. This isn't a book where we can read what he thinks, his emotions. We have to SEE who he is. His interal has to be translated and shown visually so that we can understand it. What really pisses me off though is that people actually like and defend this shit. It's depressing. I'll keep watching because I love the anger.

>Revue Starlight compilation movie

The bad part is that it was evidently a compilation movie. They failed at properly condensing the story, and at best it was a reminder of what happened, who is who, etc.
The good part is that this movie allowed one key from the anime series to shine, to shine even brighter than it did in the tv series. Time and history in their world is a spiral, never the same but slowly changing. Now, this is true for most time loop stories, but they don't actually think about it, for them it's just a way to explain why the loop breaks. Here it is of thematic importance, together with trying again and again, how you can change the future, and so on. In the tv series this was put in the background by the grandeur of the theatre visuals and characters.

>Various things

I really liked the first episode of koi to yobu. A very traditional shoujo with a funny twist on the love interest. Godzilla singular point was a bit meh, I am following it for the girl. Joran was a big disappointment, but I'll watch it because I hate myself. Shaman king, I won't really pay attention to it, it'll be a background noise anime. Still, the first episode was way too fast, and the characters look ugly, the head:body ratio is fucked.