>Miru Tights

I am not sure if I like this or not. From a technical point of view, it's amazing. The thigh muscles on sensei leg in episode 1 is an amazing touch. It's not as gross as something as sensei ga. At the same time, it still lacks a freshness, irony, or something that makes it feel a little less sad.

>Lupin III: Goodbye Partner

The betrayal was never really believable, but the movie was otherwise good. We finally got something that is classic without feeling old. I am also glad that they lowered the violence, the recent movies were too gorey for my taste.

>Hachigatsu no cinderella nine

I admit I already forgot what happened in the previous episodes, but this was the first time where it felt like they understood of point of sports. They took a universal human struggle like what happens when you mix friendship and being serious and reduced it to a very visceral story that is very relatable. Was it perfect? no, but they tried.

>Precure Star twinkle 15

This episode as well had good ideas, good shots, but failed to feel connected. I think they are not using well the fights, I am not sure.

>Gegege no kitarou 55

Ignoring the politics themselves, I don't think it was a good idea to try to defend them via stupid 70s manga training with beatings and hard training. Ashita no Joe, 50 years ago, already showed how empty and dumb this sort of obsession with sports is.
By the way, I wonder if the wall guy being the best teacher is a reference to how playing alone against the wall is a good training for ball sports of if it's just a coincidence.

>Precure Star twinkle 13

Eh I mean this episode tried to be something more, but it just couldn't match what it wanted to do. I'd say that it would have been better without the battle, to have some more minutes of screentime for the daily life, but then it wouldn't be precure. That, and Huggto managed to be a lot more in the same time. Kirakira episode 24 will not be surpassed anytime soon.

>Carole and Tuesday

Not a fan of this episode tbh. I think that they wanted to do a "oh look how normal homosexual love is" but it came out clumsy. Bloom into you did that better with the two older girls, the teacher and her lover. Also, the fact that used the ed for the video instead of a new song was a wasted oppurtunity.
The video itself made sense given the premises, it's ok it came out bad, but it feels like wasted time for us as viewers.

>Maerchen Maedchen

I am happy this anime is over, in a good sense. After all the problems they had, they managed to finish it.
The point of the story was ok but what I really liked was the pervasive atmosphere of actually liking what you like, being happy that other people like it, etc.

>Carole and Tuesday

I mean it's not bad, but it's quite boring. I don't really like the "music can change the world", I always thought it was a bit of a childish masturbation from artists. Lastly, there is something that rubbed me the wrong way. In the second episode, there is the silly scene with Tuesday cleaning and making a mess. It's funny, but her not just googling it ruins our image of an ultra technologial world. Something similar was a joke and a plot in the simpsons' episode where Homer works for Hank Scorpio, when Marge is bored because her ultra modern house can do everything for her.

>Sarazanmai episode 3

The third episode was a bit too much, too many fucked up people. Also, I think the stock footage is getting too prevalent and we are only 3 episodes in.

>Senryuu shoujo and Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Eh it's ok I guess, the manga is better.


The second episode was good, it made me understand just how completely fucked in the head the mc is. My problem with this anime is that all the butt stuff feels childish. Like I get that the point is that secrets are visceral and disgusting, but I don't get disgust from how the anime is done.