>Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

Among the 3 anime on the food, this was the best one from a technical point of view. It had some nice framing and use of the medium, like here with the use of lights and darkness.

The main problem is that it felt too much "for girls", while Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi, despite being basically a reverse harem, was a bit more interesting as it talked about demons, ghosts etc.
Still, Rokuhoudou is a very good anime.

>Tada-kun wa koi wo shinai

Bloody frustrating ending.
What I am annoyed at mostly is that Tada didn't even DO something. Rachel gave him the letter, his friend pushed him to run, Charles told them to fuck, and even Teresa is the active one, trying to get closer. This is perfectly shown in this scene, where Tada is basically vertical parallel to the "separator". Meanwhile Teresa is trying to touch him, trying to overcome the separation.

Pin still doesn't know who Hina is, Tada's bro lost Alec, and the engagement was called off like it didn't matter.
I mean I am happy for my boy Charles who was a nice lad, but still.

>HisoMaso 11

I see that "senshu" keeps beign a bitch to translated. Maybe subbers should keep it like they do (sometimes) with senpai? Or just ignore it, but then you could lose some informations, like here where we wouldn't know why she has his autograph.

>Toji no Miko 24

Again, some neat framing choices.

Visually it had some nice touches, like how different the netherworld parts looked.
All in all, a very good anime. It lacked a bit in the ending department but had a couple of genius moments that should be studied by people who like animation, notably Suzuka stopping mid air while talking to Maki, and in one of the latest episodes, when they are all fighting, how each character personality is described in few frames by their fighting style.

>Megalo Box 12

Megalob ox keeps being a disappointment. This scene would have been so much better if they transitioned to Joe punching instead of showing her fist hitting the desk.

>Uma Musume

Great framing, especially the one with Kanami and the blades. Almost a masterpiece. It did a lot of things right and was a breath of fresh air in the shounen spokon genre, so focused on the sport that it forgot it was a vehicle and not the goal of the story, regardless of how realistic the sport is portrayed. Things like Grass Wonder being ignored by Spe-chan, or El-chan defeat, are all universal stories that sports tell so well.
It lacks something though. I think the anime was too clean, not enough dirt, it didn't hate humanity as much as it should have. Suzuka came back to make the fans happy, Broye finished second (or at least implied so) instead of fourth and completely btfo. Maybe it should have had Teio as mc and it should have been full blown class S with a sprinkle of sports and idols.

>Gegege no kitaro 12

Not a fan of how the episode ended, it seemed like they blamed the tanuki and moved on instead of saying that all the tanuki was unleash the darkness already present in the human.

>Toji no Miko 23

Great framing, especially the one with Kanami and the blades.

Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's not, but the chandeliers look like flowers and blobs look like birds.

By the way, it's probably nothing, but I think Rui is much stronger and better than we assume she is.

>Hugtto 18

So many great framing choices in this episode.

This is an example, but there are other situations where they had a character crossing lines.

Another nice touch was Emiru being in the dark, just to be covered in light when she gets her guitar.

>Megalo Box 10

I can't say this was a bad episode, but the plot with Sachio was rushed and frankly pointless. Ok, they wanted to answer "How do we protect Sachio from the mob", but we didn't need the subplot with his father being a great engineer and all that. Also because it's a bit silly then how he's on the streets but eh.

>Megalo Box 9

On the good side, they finally got Joe being popular in the slums right. On the bad side, I had hoped that with the gears we were going to avoid the part where the mc gets hit in the head for 20 minutes, hits once, wins. Sadly, my hopes were crushed and I had to see Joe being punched in the face for a whole round with no guard, being uppercut'ed so hard he flew out of the ring, win.

>Toji no Miko 21

Great episode. The best part for me was this smile, it was a perfect frame from a horror movie, when the monster is a inch away from dropping his human mask.

>Toji no Miko 20

Amazing episode, they managed to make me care for that short haired prez in less than 10 minutes. We also got some nice framing, for example separating the human from the divine or the frame inside a frame inside a frame.

Also we got this Bird, and a reminder that Toji no Miko is also about drug abuse.

>Amanchu advance 08

The story they tried to tell was too big for them and probably the format. Maybe if it were a movie. The story is a bit complicated and how they told it through flahsbacks did not work imho. Dream stories are always hard to pull through, you have to give a lot of value to what the dream actually mean. I don't know, the idea was there but they were not good enough to make it real.

>Megalobox 08

Another example of why Megalobox is a mediocre anime with poor writing.

So this should be Joe's fanclub, no journalists allowed. I get this is supposed to be a joke, but all it does is undermine the world you built. You told us he is popular in his zone, why don't actually show that to us?

>Toji no miko

What a great episode. And people say that anime is not politcal, wwwwww.

First thign first, I did not actually understand this. They wanted to make a comparison here, for sure, but I don't get it. Another comparison came later when Yukari was running away, a call back to when Kanami and Hiyoyon were running away.

Here we saw a nice positioning idea, where the prez being so far on the left is making us wait for Yukina to appear behind her, creating tension. Later on we saw the confirmation of the idea that Yukina didn't like Yukari.

Also lol she's still more functional and less obsessed by battle than Kanami is.

>Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

This is not a masterpiece, but it does some things nice. In the latest episode, for example, we have this use of colours to separate his life now, happy and warm, and the cold life he had before.

Just like they used this fisheye (I think, not sure how it's called) here.

>Hugtto 15

We might be looking at the best season of precure ever. This said, the cartoonish elements in this episode were too much and prevented it from having the emotoional impact it could have had.


After the third episode, it got worse. For example in episode 4 there was this perfectly crafted framing that was not used, and is extremely distracting. I was waiting for someone to appear there and instead there was nothing.

>Toji no miko 17

This is what animation IS, the magic of 2d. Sakuga fans will neve get it, they focus on the technical gesture instead of the context.


It reminds me of VEG, in the sense that it is good technically but it is also completely empty. There was the idea of the man vs machine with the gears, but it was not used. It is not bad though, and it is better than VEG. If it wasn't for the AnJ name I would have dropped this after the first episode. In episode 5 we had this scene with the kids playing basket while the guys were talking. It's not bad, but it was also pointless and not really clever. In fact, what it does is reduce the whole fight and conversation to kids playing a game, something you should never do in sports anime, the sports has to be something more.

>Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - 04

You know those mahou shoujo anime where a girl gets magical powers that transform her into an older girl, and the anime is about her daily life handling her two identities?
I would like that but with a gravure idol. Or, I would have liked to see them explore the idea that girls can look incredibly different with make up.

>Gegege no kitaro 3 and 4

Episode 3 had some nice visuals, like this one.

One thing I like about japanese horror is that it often has some sort of "protect the environment" message."Keep doing it and humans will pay" is a good lesson for kids. At the same, it also tells you that old Japan was an awful place where the world was out to kill you. Hikaru no kenji, to name one of the two Japanese books I've read in my life, is filled with such spirits.
It's something that the western luddites should learn, the point is trying to minimize the damage you do, and not going back. Something similar from a wester point of view would be Arcadia. There is Arcadia (utopia) where "The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age" and there is the Arcadia of werewolves, horned gods, and forest cults.
In episode 4 I liked all the references to the grandma, I think it was a cute touch towards both old fans, the ideas of the original creator (nonnonba manga and all that) and the idea that old women know the secrets.

>Toji no miko 14

Some parts were a bit eh, like the QUALITY in some episodes. But the rest, wew lad, those were great. I was worried that males were going to be negative, or faceless semen providers, so this episode made me happy. After a whole season under the matriarchy, we got some nice father and spoiled daughter moments.

>Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

I don't know, it reminded me of early 10s anime with the violence and exaggerated reactions, which is good. But I fear annoying drama.

>3d kanojo

This was the other episode I really liked. It had great banter, some serious phrase, and some neat visuals.

Shame the manga is not that good imho, the drama with the parents later on is stupid and the ending is not that good either.

>Uma Musume

The best episode so far, imho.
I liked the intro, it reminded me of Monster Rancher, and I liked the functional ears detail.

Another thing I liked was the dorky second mum.
The most interesting element for me was the idea itself, because I think what it actually wants to do is talk about the women who train and compete against each other for the sake of being idols - even just for a little.

>Lupin, cap. Tsubasa, Gegege n Kitarou, and Megalo

These two titles share the nostalgia value, though in different ways. Lupin was not THAT bad, but the hacker was retty boring and the marco polo members felt too gimmicky, plus I did not like how we did not see how they ran away from Zaza. The idea that the internet/smartphone make everyone a cop is interesting though.
CT on the other hand suffers from a) me having no reason to watch this over the old one and b) I can't take it seriously anymore, not after two decades spent laughing at it.
Gegege is a bit different because I never touched something from this franchise before. I liked the first episode, for what is worth. Megalo is a completely different beast and I loved it. I think that is how you should do nostalgia operation, try to captuare the substance of why people liked something.

>Tachibanakan Triangle and uchuu senkan tiramisu

I am putting these two together because they share the result: I'd drop them if they were longer.

>Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

It had something nice going for it, and I did read that the isekai restaurant aspects will get more important in the next episode. I have a huge issue with the main guy, the oni, who feels like a fanfiction version of Hoozuki-kun. The issue is not that, is the fact that he feels like one of those abusive "rape-y" completely unironic love interests from early 90s early 00s shoujo. I hope he gets better.