>Idolmaster side M

The perfect industrial anime/idol anime. There was nothing you could criticize about it, every block that make the genre was perfectly used. Ironically this is why I didn't love it, it was too perfect, like generic vodka made with a continuous distillation system.

>Love Live Sunshine s2

The early episodes were not that good, bad writing and too much comedy prevented the serious parts from being taken seriously. As it went on though, it got much better, and currently is my favourite love live season. This is probably helped by the fact I actually don't remember what happened in the other seasons or even the 11 episodes before this. It's damn scary how easy to forget Love Live is.
This last episode, beside being technically well done with all the framing, the ost use, etc., was also intersting with its ambiguity. Like the bus scene, and the weird scene in episode 11 with the Uchichi outfit, but worse. Why do the 3rd years come back, why are the girls there, why is Chika so lucky, it all makes for an ending where you are not sure if what you saw actually happened. Reading about episode 11 I saw I missed the water washing Aqours written in the sand. I need to rewatch it.
The interesting this in this episode was how much they downplayed the victory in the love live. I firmly believe that idol anime are the the heirs of a genre of sports stories focused on the characters and not the sport. You can still find some sport anime like this, mostly aimed at girls, but idol anime are the real heirs. With this as starting point, LL:SS was the culmination of the elimination of the result in favour of the road, ie of the characters interacting. This is the end of any conenction between the form (the sport) and the susbtance (what sports are about) because it removes the point of a sport, winning.

>A little sister is all you need

An ending good enough on its own, that it made me want to read more the LN. The characters were all fun, and seemed to be at least believable. My only issue is that maybe it lacked a bit of darkness, Haruto seemed to have suffered so much yet he stay friendly and nice. Which is not bad in itself, but he seemed to have feelings inside that the anime didn't properly translate. I didn't really get his frustration, his anger, his hopelessness.


This was my favourite anime of the season, and it got the ending it deserved, including not answering every question. We don't know why Aurora changed his mind from wanting to shut down the club to wanting Minoa to open the door, we don't know why it rebooted like that (though, here, I can assume it's because that Neko took the place of the little girl during the planning stage and so, when he was removed, it went back to what it was before he existe), and why Nakano's hair looked different from how he used to . I am starting to think he was replaced by another brother, which would explain where his bracelet went. Yep, looking at his hair in some screencaps online he was at least 3 different brothers.

There are other questions, for example who exactly were Minoa's parents, who is the tomboy exactly, and so on. I wonder if Minoa's being Mikene was why he and Neko called her Kitten, iirc Mike is associated with cat names in japan.
Over all a great anime, I hope that after this people will finally be able to admit they like something instead of the usual "I know it's shit but" tripe.

>Two car

Yeah no, this had the worst ending in an anime I can think of. The biggest issue is the race. Probably because I cared more for the side girls than the mcs, but I was platinum mad at them winning. Winning like that, ie massive luck with the rain, rules allowing them to do what they want, and silly things like a beginner driver being better than all of the rest. Frustrating, not fun, and not ok. This is now how an underdog should win. This is how cena used to win. It hurts because we never saw a proper conclusion to Hitomi and Mao silly stories. The twins, who were made for this driver passenger switch, never did it, the mcs did it. Another issue was the brit lass leaving coach. We are not given a good reason for her leaving him, it's too convenient for the girls, and it removes the last plot reason for the girls to go to the isle of man after the biggest one, meeting coach, was already removed. Why did she leave him? I genuinely don't get it. I also don't get Coach. It was much better when we didn't know how he looked, and when we thought he was great. We saw him being a normal guy BUT this was never explored, there was this difference between what the girls told us and what the show expected from us, and what we actually got. A third issue was the girls fighting. After 11 episode of them bitching, this one is more serious because it rains. They understand each other and promise to grow up etc. All this is thrown away in the end after coach is dumped.


I don't want to sound like a hater, maximum respect for the people who paid for this.
This said, I had some problems with this anime. The girls didn't feel like cats. I hoped this would have translated the owner cat relationship to a male female relationship, instead the catgirls were basically little dogs crying because their owner was ill. I didn't like the mc nor his va. I didn't like the part about him being ill, the cops, and how he saved them. I know this is from a eroge, but it felt too much like a eroge.

>Animegataris 11

So many things to say and write about this anime. I think this episode had 2 big talking points.
The first one is that, imho, they are already in an anime. The ending of the world, what Minoa's sister said here, and how Minoa described her family only makes sense in the context of an anime world. This to say that anime is not coming to our world, but it's an anime invading another anime.

The second talking point is "who opened the door and what happened that made Aurora change from someone who wanted the club closed to someone who wants the door open". Here we see that the door was opened and a bracelet, looking like the one Aurora had and no longer has, keeps it from closing.

Also, I wonder if Aurora no longer replying when Minoa called him Aurora means something.

>Girl last tour

I didn't like it at start and I still think it's could have been better and different. Still, it improved massively as it went on. I am not sure what to think about the shrooms saying that the girls are the last two humans, maybe I wasn't paying attention but there were that old potato and the guy that drew maps.

>Kino no tabi 2017

Ah ah what the fuck was this ending.
So, let's ignore how bad it looked, and how the second part of the episode, which could have been interesting, felt like them giving up and admitting they had no money left. You have this potential interesting story about animals being bred to fight, and all you do is turn it into Kino going on a killing spree. The people of the town being so retarded to let the animals free, without control of any form, are believable, but in the context of all the previous towns being fucking stupid, they look not credible.
The episode was made worse by the fact it was the last episode, you can't end Kino's story like this.

>Konohana Kitan

This is not a masterpiece, but it is a very good anime. A perfect blend of fantasy and low horror, with some top visuals in some situations, with the comedy always present but never excessive. For example, Okami turning into a hot woman from a wolf was a simple but cheeky joke on how different women look without make up.
The main issues were, in my opinion, Natsume and Ren, because I felt like they were their own thing a bit separated from the what the rest of the characters was doing. They were a couple from a romance manga in a horror show, if this makes sense. Natsume was also a bit too generic in her being the tomboy and all that.


I think I didn't get much of it because I was not an artist. What I did get felt generic and uninteresting.
As a majokko, it was nothing special. The trasformations didn't exist. The monster were ok but the big bad was bad.

>Two Car 11

This was a much better episode. It built on the whole anime so far to present the idea of passenger and driver as a married couple, in a much serious way that what was presented before. Using adults instead of kids drove even more this point home.

>Shoukoku no altair 23

This is the first episode that, as an anime-only, I did not like.
You can't kill important characters like Pino and the blonde girl like that. The other girl, the one with short hair, charging was so dumb. I understand that maybe she didn't want to be a slave with her being a girl and all, but still, but I know this is my fanfiction.
How the Chielo guy died was also annoying. His pointless was merely pointless, I didn't feel angry or butthurt.

>Imouto sae Ireba Ii.

I regret not picking this one before. It's really fun, and it's not stupid. This is what Saekano should have been, not that wishy washy tripe.
I find it hard to explain, but I like how the mc is serious in his interests. He's popular and he's an otaku, but him being otaku feels relevant and not simply an excuse to pander to the readers. The same thing can be said for the rest of the cast, the girls in particular. Only the 32 years old accountant is a bit forced, maybe if she had some interactions with one of the guys before the time we are seeing now.

>Two Car 10

What a boring episode. We wasted so much time on a race that add nothing, we have no reason to care for the protagonists, and now that the coach is going to be married there is no reason for the girls to win and go the isle of man.

>Love Live sunshine 09

The intentions behind this episode were good, but the episode itself could have been better. I didn't like how the older sisters started to sing with them as well, and I didn't like how it felt like a musical when they started to sing and dance.
I think this fundamentally is my issue with Love Live as a whole, it doesn't feel like something a group of highschool girls could actually and yet you have to accept it without questions.

>Kino no Tabi 09

This episode was interesting because it showed Kino's kinda childish side in two different ways. The first one was with the food, which was kinda boring and annoying because we have had so many "cute girl can't cook" moments that getting one more adds nothing. The other one, when they showed the picture she drew, was much much better.

>Two Car 09

I don't mind the recap episode, though it could and should have been better. What I don't like is that they showed the coach's face, a bit like when they showed the face of the brunette from Ben-To. This was made worse because he doesn't look as good as he could have.

>Animegataris 08

There are multiple things I want to say about this episode.
First of all, the anime made by the club was a masterpiece in the "badly done on purpose anime" genre. It made sense, the voice acting was perfectly acted bad acting, but the most important thing is that it never made fun of itself at the core.
Trigger did anime like that, but they always missed that basic element. With trigger, you laugh at how bad something is. With this, you laugh at how bad something is, but you understand the heart and passion the creators put in something. This is what trigger doesn't get. This is what 90% of so bad it's good titles don't get. You have to put passion into something, it has to be bad because you can't do better so you embrace the inherent comedy.

There is a weird feeling in this anime, especially when the idol fan is around. His words about this being a testament of their existence with that zoom are only an example, but it does feel like he's weird. I wouldn't be surprised at this point if he was some sort of creator demon. The teacher words about the choreography being legendary lets us know that the mom used to be a idol, or that it was a reference to an anime and she was an otaku herself. Maybe she and the husband were the legendary anime club? I think the sister feels pretty weird as well.

Lastly, and this is pretty obvious, now it's official this whole thing was the story of someone being an anime fan, from the start to passion projects.

>Houseki no Kuni 08

The body horror parts were amazing. The wave of hands of gold keeping Phos from speaking, Antarwhatever everything, but especially this one. Phos' eye looking that deformed and ugly but beautiful at the same time was a gem, pun intended.

>Two Car 07

The ending was quite interesting. Usually twins are all about being different, here it ended with the girls embracing who they are to the limit and beyond, a bit like the S&M couple did. I think the lesson here was that if you are not normal, it's ok to not be normal and in fact to be happy you will have to do more than what is expected.
The characters are getting more and more fucked up, it'll be interesting to see where the show goes. I expect Hitomi to snap for real and for it to be intense.

>Infini-T Force 09

I wish that the main chracter had more clothes. Sometimes this feels like a reverse harem, and always like something that was made with girls in mind, so I think that it sould have focused more on how the girl looks. With how things are, she feels like a character from a show for guys, with her couple of clothes, sent to a show for girls.
I kinda have the same issue with Code Realize, but Cardia in that show it's implied that those are all she has.

>Code Realize 07

I like Code Realize, but not this episode. Given Cardia's issue of not being able to touch other people, this is what should be the origin of her drama. You could use this to talk about being alone and all that comes with it. There is no need to add some commentary on how dumb the people are, and frankly it's a bit silly to see an objectively beautiful girl being hated only because she hurts people she touches. I get that people hate who is different, but this is still dumb in my opinion.
I am also a bit tired of the "people hate X, they attack X, s/he doesn't even defend herself, people hate her even more".

>Kirakira Precure 39 and 40

Julio looks like a night's sky with stars, while surrounded by light. Julio is both a salvific figure, almost divine in its blinding light, and a creature of darkness. I think this is the first time that a purified bad guy still retain his darkness. Kaoru and Michiru had a different path, it wasn't the same, but I admit I don't remember Cure Passion very well.
Episode 40 highlighted two issues I have with this precure: Squirrel is irrelevant, and she gets generic students, and Akira/Yukari feel like they should be some sort of mentors but not part of the main cast.

>Side M 06

Now this is an episode I didn't like. I struggle to accept that a couple of talented twins would be so damn important that at 18 years they get television and press when they retire. The youngest player that would get something like this is Alli, and he's a good 3 years older than them. I think that the episode should have focused less on how popular they are and more on the impact of retiring on the twins.

>Two car 06

The twins episode did noo disappoint me.

Showing them walking at different speeds was a smart way to show us they were finally different.

I wonder if Maria using "watashi" and Yuria using "Yuria" will be important. Right now, I can guess that it's because it wasn't Maria that changed, despite her cutting her hair. It was Yuria not copying her that was the real trigger for the change.

By the way, I really liked this scene. Maybe it was a bit in your face, but it conveyed the issue. The twins are no more twins, they are genuinely a single person in two bodies. There is no copying, there never was or they would have been stuck in a loop, they simply did the same things, liked the same things, etc. I want to see more of their background with the guy explored.

>Konohana Kitan 06

Another beautiful episode.
Like in the previous episode, we have powerful red and blue standing out among more muted colours. Compared to the fifth episode, now the flowers are red. I think they are using the flowers to describe something that is not human, as the red was evidently the colour of the demon. Blue remains the colour of the sky and heaven.

>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 06

This episode made me see the episode where they lost the maps under a different light. I think a component of this anime is telling you to accept the despair and holessness, like Yuuri was saying. You can't map the world. You can't escape it. Maybe I should rewatch the older episodes under this new light.

>Animegataris 05

Neko-senpai's words in the ending were pretty weird. The whole anime has been spent giving a message of hope and telling us how good a friendship between otaku is, and now you call it battlefield and says they'll never met Yang Beibei?
Talking about Yang, I liked her and what she represents. I am happy that we have an anime where we can admit we like anime instead of the usual shite where the otaku is oh so silly oh so much of a loser and then he (or she) is massively popular and cool and loved and with 4 girls after his dick. Here we have a different range of people, from the foreigner to the popular to the more "loser" elements all enjoying the same thing through different lenses and being completely honest about it. Take, for example, the chad idolfag: he's the cool popular guy who has no shame going around with idol pins.
Now compare this to Umaru. She represents all the otaku that are afraid of saying they like anime, and this is made worse by how the comedy constantly enables Umaru, as if what she was doing was the right thing. Umaru manages to be even worse than Hotaru no Hikari, and that was shameless pandering for women. But HnH at least had something to say about the double life and the price you have to pay, Himouto is all about pandering to lazy otaku who wants to be treated like babies, want to to be popular and don't have the balls to admit what they like.

>Two Car 05

Another great episode imho. They managed to make a "the sadist is a masochist and viceversa" without actually doing that but by simply pushing the masochist to the limits and then going over.
I noticed the stories we got so far are basically shoujo romance plot: the poorfag girl and a rich cunt that needs her help because of a trauma, the abusive boyfriend who actually cares about you.

>Konohana Kitan 05

The author must be a fan of horror movies. The background of the doll, while not a masterpiece or anything new, was not a simple "lol she's cursed" but presented the fears of a country that is losing its traditions, and its people are afraid of the price they will have to pay.

The red of the umbrella, the blue of the flowers, and the white of the thread being so vivid in the sea of gray and washed out colours was a cool touch, and the use of the frame inside frame like in the song here was another one.

>Net-juu no susume

This show suffer from a lack of running time. It is not a good excuse, a movie would do it in 2 hours easily, but given the fact this is a tv anime, I think it would have been su much better if it had at least 24 episodes to slowly build the situations. We could have used an episode to drive home how bad Morimori felt when working, and some episode to introduce more slowly the guild. It would have been ideal, I think, to have her join the guild after she got to really bond with Lily, explaning why the guild is all people living close to each other instead of making it feel like fate.

>Time Bokan 24 2nd season 04

The first season had some things going for it. It did remind me of old Time Bokan anime silliness, and there was that paranoid 101 idea of "them" not telling you the real history, it taught you to not trust books.
The second season feels like a parody, it has been reduced to fummy pop history trivia, and the villains being the main character does nothing but make the good guys appear even less interesting and worth rooting for. We don't even get real interactions between the characters now, it's all about the guest character.

Now you can see the difference in quality between anime for little boys and for little girls.

>Love Live Sunshine 4

I feel like the show is too silly and too much of a comedy now, it's hard to take what happens seriously. This could have been a great episode to talk about how people feel isolated, instead it was wasted on lol so silly.

>Two Cars 04

I am loving this anime more and more with each episode.

She was talking about the coach here.

This is a very interesting phrase. It isn't the first time I read about this, a lot of books about football says the same thing, but usually they talk about the money making aspect, for example pointing out how football becoming a pro sport meant commoners started playing what was a sport for rich people. It's also obvious, based on how plaers acts outside the pitch. With those premises, I think it's an even better phrase. It shows that a writer understood one of the core points of sports, the construction of an alternative society where the only thing that matters is how good you are. Most sport stories often make the team/sport a nice place and forget to make people see this difference. This is especially interesting coming from Japan with their strong hierarchy. In one phrase that system was presented as awful, creating only rivals and bullies, and stupid, because it doesn't show how good you are, unlike the final ranking of a race.

This, and the surreal conversation between them, made me realize their purpose in the story. I thought that this was wacky races, where each pair had to be immediately characterized with their design to not waste time to explore them, but it goes deeper than them. Three pairs seem to have no problems: them, the chuuni, and the osaka team. The chuuni, ironically, are the voice of the reason, and the osaka team are the comedy relief. Setsugekka represent the ultimate relationship (the husband and wife mentioned by the coach) and are the ideal that teams whose issue is their differences will want to reach. This is presented through a post-irony lense, where their actions are a parody that should be taken seriously.

>Konohana Kitan 04

Another beautiful transition.

I adore the horror in this anime. The first episode already a nice delicate touch of fear with how the cherry blossoms were presented, but this was on another level. It made me want to watch some low in horror high in fantastic Japanese movie.

>Kino no tabi 3

So far, the most interesting episode of the new anime, because now you have to pick a side and decide what is best. If episopde 1 asked a question and gave an answer, ie that a society where people can kill people when they want can work because the first that will be killed are those who want to kill other people, now the answer is not so obvious and immediate. Is it better to live free like the wind, knowing that nature will pay the price? or to live in a stable society and let men pay the price? We don't have a choice, the planet couldn't handle us living like we did when we were nomadic hunter-gatherers, but in Kino's world it is different.

>Precure episode 37

This episode explained perfectly to little girls that sometimes being a big fish in a small pond is ok. Whenever this topic comes up, it's often depicted negatively, as if it can only be a choice of fear and cowardice, here instead it was explained that it's all about what Ciel wants to do. Similarly, Ichika's frustrations were perfectly understandable by whoever was in a similar situation, but once again what matters is how Ciel wants, not what the other people think she should do.
The big city vs rural town were elaborated better here than in anime specifically dealing with those topics, like Sakura Quest.

>Two Cars 03

Some times the imagery is a bit too much in your face but, like the on/off on the mic, it's still fun to watch.

I really liked how they gave rings to Mao and Hitomi, it cemented how serious they are and in an age where this type of characters is often made fun of it was refreshing.

The use of the sport story to tell a love story was lovely. They didn't simply use the two elements, they directly used the fear of fucking, the ptsd, to talk about a girl in a love with a failed relationship on her shoulders weighting her down.
Another nice part was Misaki saying the cleaning Chiyuki's handkerchief was her job. On the surface it made her look like a tsundere, but what it made was make Misaki the angelic woman who cleanses Chiyuki's heart.

The only problem I had was how Chiyuki didn't seem to actually be scared of Misaki not wearing a helmet. I would have expected her to worry about safety a lot more. Maybe she didn't want to insist because she didn't want other people to know that she was afraid, the kind of thing that needed more screentime to be elaborated on.

>Konohana Kitan 03

The episode starts with a lovely transition. It had other nice things, like this wall separating the two worlds of Ren and Natsume.

I did appreciate they tried to do a proper shoujo romance, including the old man molesting Ren, but I did not like how it was presented. For example, the comedy relief with the oni being thrown out was weirdly placed, it simply interrupted the serious drama without making us feel better. My biggest problem though is that now I lost some respect from the inn and the owner, everything ended like Ren being groped was necessary for her to learn her limits.

>Konohana Kitan 02

I always like transitions like this one.
Maybe it was just me, but from the sakura scenes and flowers in this episode I got a huge flashback about "Under the cherry blossoms" and its stories about people losing their minds. It had a weird but satisfying horror after-taste.

>Two Car

Nice shot with the use of red and black, and it's setting up how the show will end.

>Net-juu no susume

Finally an anime that understand how an online guild is. Too often modern mmo anime are simply an excuse to not have proper world building.

>Kino no tabi 2

I do not remember the 2003 anime.
This episode was too hamfisted. Was it necessary to have the guards act like cunts? yes, because we needed to hate them, but it should have been done better.

I also didn't like how the guards looked inspired from ww1 germany when you have a coliseum. The prince coming to town for revenge, how people simply started to kill each other like animals. In the first episode things were more interesting.

>shoujo shuumatsu ryokou

I think that this anime didn't understand what it wanted to do.
First of all, I don't like the setting. It's not set during the twilight of humanity, where one can tell a chill but sad story. It's not during the dawn of a new world, where humans finally left and earth can be alive again. Instead, it's during the long night between, almost reminiscing of the fimbulwinter. The problem is that if you set the story during the night, there have to be shadows that don't make sense, weird sounds and noises. Essentially, I need to be afraid.
I could forgive this if the girls had some value. Sadly, this story is not about a couple of eves recreating the world and all that this means and has, and isn't about how even the last 2 girls are ready to backstab each other for food for no good reason. Hell, it would be even better if it was about pure moe with cute girls doing cute things like growing food on the rooftop of the school and being unable to shower because of a cockroach.

Now, I could still like this if the cute was at least good. The girls look terrible, they act like idiots like sitting on cold metal with snow instead of at least inside the airplane, and most importantly there is no comfy. If their struggle was food, once they found it they should have had a party, with a nice campfire, and let me feel it. Instead they throw food on the bike, play, and then eat, but again they eat like idiots on come cold metal.

>Urahara 01

It looked like they took the rules to make a manga and applied them to an anime. I will give it a chance but I am not sold so far.

>Side M 00

I lvoed it. I got the usual care in clothing and manchildren that you get from anime for girls, but I didn't expect the 315 president to be that much of a passionP. The background girls were also cute. I think this is an important element in this anime.
Generally the idol fan is so exaggerated or nonexistant (as in they might as well be faceless blobs) that they lose all their value, but here they matter.

Take thse 3 girls. They were shown before, but now they are framed to let us be aware they will be important later. The bright colours attracts us, especially when compared to the more plain girl on the other side. They are normal girls, their only issues being their obsession with the idols and how quick they are to panic, but these problems are never shown as something to be ashamed of. It's the idol that has to care for his fans, and when he fails he should be responsible. Essentially the fans surrender themselves to the artist that has to be professional not for himself but for the fans.

Nice parallel here.

>net-juu no susume 01

I liked that there were both girls and boys, I was worried we were going to get some sort of reverse harem with no other female.

I liked the part with the flowers. The first time it was very quick, we didn't spend many frames on them. It's only the next morning that she realizes the full weight of her choice and we spend more time looking at the flowers.

>Konohana Kitan 01

Well, it was ok. It could have been better, but then it could have been much worse.

I noticed the clock because recently I read about the Japanese time system in Sei Shonagon's pillow book. Nothing important to say, just that it looked cool.